Classroom Enrichment

We offer enriching experiences for our children, both in and out of class time:


Mrs. Beth ( visits the classroom weekly to get the children moving, dancing, singing, and playing to music. In class with Mrs. Beth, children learn:

  • Folk songs

  • Dances (alone, with group, and with partners)

  • Fine motor skills through finger plays

  • Large motor skills (i.e. growing and shrinking to show pitch)

  • Acting through songs that tell a story

  • Musical movement and spatial awareness (how to move to music appropriately)

  • Beginning music reading (rhythms)

  • Songs in foreign languages (i.e. French, Spanish, Hebrew, Sign Language)

  • Sequencing through songs and dances (what comes next?)

  • Simple math skills through song (i.e. counting, addition, subtraction, skip counting, multiplication)

Field Trips

Field Trips

Field trips are usually scheduled once a month. Past field trips have included:

  • U of M Natural History Museum

  • Fire Station

  • Wild Swan Theater

  • Real Life Farm

  • Ann Arbor Public Library

  • Wasem Fruit Farm & Orchard

Playdates and Social Activities

The social chairperson plans various fun events throughout the year both for families and for parents only. Previous activities have included:

  • Family potluck at a local park

  • Parents' Night Out

  • Family swims

  • Bowling

  • Movie Night at the preschool

  • Weekly summer playdates at local parks

  • Group playdates at local children's play areas