Play-Based Learning

The teacher works to provide opportunities for children that offers plenty of choices and variety.  These activities incorporate language, role-playing, fine motor, problem solving and other skills essential for future academic success.

At AANI, children are given an extensive period of time to choose activities from an engaging environment.  Large group activities such as circle time, story time, or music also make up a small part of the day.   

Being a play-based preschool is a core part of AANI's philosophy.


Research points to rich and varied play and language opportunities in early childhood as a factor in later academic success*.  

Play fosters physical development, intellectual development, enhances social development, contains rich emotional values, and develops the creative aspect of the child’s personality*.

Opportunities for academic experiences, such as writing or counting, are available but are never forced.  We believe that allowing children to practice these skills when/if they're ready lets them progress naturally in their development.