Parents' Roles

Ann Arbor Nursery Inc. (AANI) operates as a cooperative preschool where the parents participate fully in the school’s program – from hiring the teacher to assisting in the classroom.


Being part of a cooperative preschool demands time and energy, but the rewards are well worth the investments.


Parents learn from each other, support each other and develop close and lasting friendships. It is a unique experience for children and parents.

Assisting in the Classroom

Three parents assist the teacher in the classroom each day, which means each family is responsible for an average of 10-12 assist days per semester. Assist parents help set up, provide snacks, supervise projects and play, and clean up. Assist duties rotate throughout the semester.  

Job Assignment

In addition to assisting in the classroom, each family is assigned a job essential to the operation of the school. Examples include field trip coordinator, assist day scheduling, housekeeping, librarian, or pet care.

Members also have the opportunity to serve in board positions such as fundraiser, webmaster, or newsletter editor.

Other Responsibilities


  • Fall orientation and general membership meeting

  • Spring general membership meeting

  • Monthly room group meetings

  • One classroom cleanup per year

  • Monthly board meetings are required for board members and optional for all other members.