Meet Our Teachers for the 2021-2022 school year


Rebecca Murray, Lead Teacher

Rebeca Murray is passionate about providing a valuable preschool experience. A strong believer in learning through play, Rebecca is skilled at ensuring preschoolers are having fun while developing lifelong social and cognitive skills.


Rebecca has been with AANI since 2016, first as a parent and executive board member, later as a Teacher's Aide and now as a Lead Teacher. Working with children has always brought joy to Rebecca, and she enjoys creating a caring and cheerful environment where children can flourish.


Rebecca earned her Child Development Associate from Western Michigan University. She is a world traveler and lifelong student. Her varied interests include social-emotional education, woodworking, beekeeping, promoting early literacy and developing community. 



Lynn Archer, Special Guest Teacher

After 23 years of service to AANI, Mrs. Archer retired in 2018.  She's happy to be back brewing up fun experiments in her special area of expertise- science!  She currently visits the class weekly as a special guest, bringing her favorite lessons along- whether it be simple machines, a foaming potion, or fossils.