Our Location, Classroom and Playground

Our Location

Ann Arbor Nursery is located in downtown Ann Arbor, inside the First Baptist Church near the corner of State and Washington streets.  We rent our space from the church and operate independently from them, maintaining our own separate, secure classrooms.  

Our location offers: 

  • Free onsite parking

  • Curbside drop-off (assist parent will meet you at the door)

  • Convenient pickup from the playground

  • Plenty of opportunities for walking field trips

A Peek into our Classrooms and Playground

The video below gives you a look at our classrooms and the playground space we have. 

Our Classrooms

Our physical space consists of two large, connected rooms (referred to as the "Quiet Room" and the "Noisy Room") where children have lots of room to explore and learn together.  All children have the opportunity to play in both rooms during the day. 

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room offers a wide variety of activities designed to develop children’s fine motor and imaginative play skills, including:


  • Puzzles, games, other fine-motor manipulatives

  • Play kitchen

  • Science exploration

  • Art easel and various writing, drawing, and cutting supplies

  • Pets including fish 

  • Sensory table

  • Reading corner and lending library

  • Story bags


The Noisy Room


The Noisy Room contains toys and equipment that promote gross motor development, such as:

  • Large building bricks and blocks

  • Play loft

  • Train table

  • Ride-in cars

  • Balls

  • Puppet theater

Our Outdoor Play and Learning Space


There is plenty of room to run in our gated outdoor play space!  Daily outdoor play develops teamwork skills and encourages cooperation and gross motor skills.