Our Classes

For the 2021-2022 school year, we are planning to offer an
in-person morning class for 3-5 year olds. 
All classes meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
The school runs for two 16-week semesters, September-May. The school’s holiday and break schedule coincides with the Ann Arbor Public Schools’ calendar.
We are a non-sectarian school, with no religious associations.
Class days and times
(2021-2022 school year)
Our Daily Routine

3-5 year old's class:


Mon, Weds, Fri

  •  Arrival/Free Choice Time

  • 15 min Circle Time with whole class 

  • 1hr 15min of Free Play

  • 15 min Circle Time with whole class; music on Wednesdays

  • Snack Time; served family-style (nut free)

  • Pack up

  • 20 min. Outdoor Play Time

  • Dismissal 

We have two large, open classrooms that are connected as well as a gated outdoor playground.

We have weekly music class and science lessons. The children are introduced to different themes throughout the school year. 

Outside the Classroom

We take the children on regular field trips and also enjoy social activities outside of class together.