How our Co-op Works

Cooperative preschools are based on a simple philosophy: parents play an active role in running the school.  This is more than volunteering in the class or bringing in snack once in a while; they work together to make the school function, assisting the teacher in the classroom and doing the administrative and behind-the-scenes work necessary to keep everything running smoothly.  Don’t let this intimidate you though- the teacher is the authority in the classroom, and the assist roles are well-defined. One assist parent might help kids at the art table, another might prepare snack and clean up the classroom afterwards, and another may be an extra person to help facilitate play.


Every family is usually assigned a job to help the school run, and it can be anything from housekeeping or pet care to a board member, such as treasurer.  Again, no need to worry- you get to help decide what job would be the best fit for you and we all help each other along the way.  It is am important component, however, because the school needs every family's help in order to run.


What do you get in return for all of this investment?  First and foremost, the cost of preschool is dramatically reduced- up to ¼ the price of traditional programs.  This is a big deal for many families, especially if one parent stays at home or is working part time. But, the benefits are much more than that.  Visit our Benefits of a Co-op page to find out more!